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Compliance representatives are increasingly engaging with cryptocurrencies, with involvement ranging from boundless enthusiasm to warnings to use the utmost caution. As the mother of all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has demonstrated that completely different mechanisms are at play here than those involved in conventional currencies. How well do you know bitcoin and blockchain? Why not have a go at our first bitcoin quiz question?


Alice and Bob live in Wonderland, where people pay taxes by transferring bitcoin to Cecile (the tax officer). Alice has bought goods from Bob and paid for them using bitcoin. Assuming that everyone always uses the same bitcoin address (the hash value of their public key), can Alice find out how much tax Bob has paid? They are using the standard Pay-to-Public-Key-Hash protocol.

Complete Revision of the Federal Data Protection Act

The complete revision's draft of the Federal Data Protection Act is currently in political consultation. Data Protection is to be increased by giving people more control over their private data as well as reinforcing transparancy regarding the handling of confidential data.

Links: draft, report

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