RobbySpider has traveled to Australia Open. The Grand Slam Tournament in Melbourne starts today.
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Incidentally, RobbySpider was made by journalists for journalists.

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After climbing the steep stairs, we enter the plane through a narrow door. Everybody has a window seat. The inside like the outside is dominated by the corrugated iron which is characteristic for Tante Ju (nickname "Aunt Ju").

STRUS is a new open source software to build sophisticated search and find applications. Eurospider supports STRUS because of its flexibility to support new retrieval models. This aspect is relevant since one of Eurospider key competences ist the optimization of search applications for specific user needs and data.

Digital Assistant (DA-2)

The Open Access Journal o-bib published an article on Eurospider's Digital Assistant (DA-2) for subject in­dexing.

Imma Hin­richs, Gérard Mil­meister, Peter Schäub­le, Helge Steen­weg, "Com­puter­unter­stützte Sach­er­schließung mit dem Digi­talen Assistenten (DA-2)," o-bib 3, Nr. 4 (2016).

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