Compliance (regulatory compliance) means conforming to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Together with KYC Spider in Zug Eurospider has in-depth compliance know-how.

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E-ID is a digital identification method used to verify people’s identities in a trusted, secure way when processing online business transactions. E-ID is a key infrastructure element that makes processing business transactions more cost effective. It can also be used for e-voting and e-health applications. The negotiations in the National Council have shown that there are still some hurdles to overcome.

name matching

The fourth part of the name matching and revision series discussed yield and precision in name matching methods. In this fifth part, we will explain how these two measures of effectiveness are calculated. They are known as measures of effectiveness because they express the extent to which a name matching method can effectively compare two names and deliver information as to whether both names refer to the same person or organization.

The main advantage of carefully programmed chatbots is that they offer context-based information. A good chatbot doesn’t repeat the same question and doesn’t ask pointless questions that have already been answered. These factors have certainly contributed to the current hype surrounding chatbots, which ZHAW observed in a survey of 926 people from 18 to 25 June 2018.

Name Matching

Eurospider developed a new compliance platform for its partner, KYC Spider, which completely reorganized its processes in line with Industry 4.0 ( Networking, information transparency, assistance systems and automated decisions revolutionize the Compliance Factory process.

name matching

Our last post discussed how to minimize false negatives to reduce risk and false positives to conserve resources. Yield refers to the percentage of high-risk customer relationships that are discovered through name matching.

Complete Revision of the Federal Data Protection Act

Complete Revision of the Federal Data Protection Act: „As of 15th September 2017, draft and report for a completely revised Federal Data Protection Act is public. In a first step parliament and the people agreed to adaptations in order to be compliant with EU law. The second part of the revision is debated by the parliament since September 2019. Data Protection is to be increased by giving people more control over their private data as well as reinforcing transparency regarding the handling of confidential data.”


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